Centipedes Bite

Centipedes are poisonous creature. This is because they have a glad that is venomous. They release this poison to their prey. Even thou this venom is not potent enough to kill a human being. However, the centipede bites are hazardous and equally painful. The different types of centipedes have the poison in their glad but have different reactions to their prey. Based on different researchers, it has been discovered that Centipedes Bite kills human and few pets. Bites from various centipedes have a different reaction on the pest and human, but the house centipedes are entirely harmless. The House centipede bite is regarded as safe because their bites are not as painful as those from other centipedes. The Big brown centipede leaves a Centipedes Bite mark on the prey they bite, which is why they need to be handled with care. The Giant desert centipede bite is as poisonous as that of a snake because they can inject their whole venom in just a bite, which makes this bite painful. They can cause great discomfort but does not lead to death. This pain will subside with time during the day.

Types of centipedes

Centipedes are different on the earth; this is because they are up to 8000 sub-species around the world. They are of different color and sizes and adapt to different environmental and climatic conditions. Few of the well knows species include:

House Centipedes

They are unique in shape and are yellowish brown. They have about 15 legs and prey on spiders, flies, and cockroaches to mention a few. They are called house centipedes because their feeding habit enables them to controls the household pests. They live in dark and damp area of the house, like the bottom of the bathroom tube.

Stone Centipedes

This is one of the best know centipedes because they are brownish with a silky body. They grow up to two inches with about 15 pairs of legs. You don’t site them much, and they detect their prey with their antenna.

Soil Centipede

These are among the mid-range kinds of centipedes, they come with at least 27 pairs of legs for mobility, and they are predominantly resident inside burrows. The usually find where plants can offer dampness with their roots and shade to keep the soil cool.

Giant Centipedes

They are the largest of all the centipedes as the name sound. They are seven inches long with 24 pairs of legs and varieties of colors ranging from black, reddish brown to completely and tan.

Do Centipedes Bite?

Yes, Centipedes cannot be seen easily and Centipede Bite is painful as well. We often see them as being dirty and the major issue that worries most of us is Centipedes Bite and what harm can come to us when they bite us? Can their bite lead to death or just painful sensation? Well, Centipedes Bite and can be very painful sometimes. They can send painful feeling to the area they bite, but fortunately, they don’t cause any harm further. Centipede venom doesn’t cause death like that of snakes or other pests; they only sting to defend their selves from predators. This means their biting is a form of defensive mechanism. But in some cases, their bite can be severed and causes various discomforts.

Why Do Centipedes Bite Humans?

A Centipede Bites mainly to defend themselves from predators. They also bite when they want to capture prey. The more giant centipedes are present in the tropics; these giant centipedes can cause severe pain when they bite humans. Since they are large, they also have large venom compared to others centipedes. In some part of England, we have various centipedes that are not harmful to humans. Since they bite to defend against the predator, they will surely bite humans if they are approached or pressed.

What are the Centipedes Bite Symptoms?

We all react differently to Centipedes Bite. If you got bitten by giant centipedes, you might need to consult your doctor right away.  You may have a slight swelling when Centipedes Bite you, but this goes back to normal in few hours. Pain is caused when you got stung, but the severity is based on the size of centipedes that bite you. Below are the few symptoms observed from various researchers?

Depending on the size of the centipedes that bite the victim, you may experience some pain, the Heartbeat may suddenly become a bit abnormal.

The Centipedes Bite can cause tiredness and vomiting where you may experience a headache. But the harshness of this bite depends on the size of the centipedes. The bitten area will be reddish

Treating a Centipedes Bite

The bite of the centipede is just like that of a snake and can cause discomfort to the victim. The bite may not be that toxic, but they cause swelling and irritation in the bitten region. Once you are bitten by the centipede all you have to do is to follow the following treatment method:

Wash the area bitten with antiseptic soap – Rub it on the area and wash gently

Hot Compress – You can reduce the pain in the area bitten by doing compression. You can use cold ice for this.

Take ibuprofen Drug – This drug will help you reduce the pain

Consult your doctor – You need to see your doctor get necessary treatments


Centipedes Bite mainly to defend themselves or when they want to get prey. When you are bitten by centipedes all you have to do is to follow the treatment methods above. You can consult your doctor in severe conditions.

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