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Ways to Improve Sales

You have probably heard or read it before about how to Improve Sales. It is easier and cheaper to sell something to an existing customer than to a new customer. To my surprise, most business continues to focus on attracting new customers. While a small growth in the percentage of repeat purchases can lead to more turnovers. It depends of course on your industry and products.

At a time when it is becoming increasingly expensive to Improve Sales by advertising, companies should put more focus on stimulating repeat purchases. The existing customer already knows your products and is undoubtedly interested in buying more. In this article we will therefore look at how we can improve your sales. 

Benefits of repeat purchases which Improve Sales

The big advantage to Improve Sales is to have repeated purchases is that you do not make any acquisition costs for these sales. In other words, you do not have to spend money to get these customers to your website. Often they are already customers and therefore certainly interested in your products. It is almost never wasted to re-approach existing customers.

Research has shown that a 2% growth in repeat purchases can have the same effect as a 10% cost reduction. Many companies cut costs if things go less well. It is wise to first look at ways to generate more revenue from the existing customer base. This costs you little and can yield a lot. The more often the customer makes a purchase, the closer the relationship with your customer becomes. You can, for example, also choose to offer your best customers a customized personal offer. Because of the close relationship with your customers, word-of-mouth advertising is growing, which means you get free attention from other consumers.

In addition to selling more products, you can also ask the customer why he or she has not yet returned. If you ask customers for feedback in person, you often get a fairer answer that you can also ask for.  

To Improve Sales is to Optimize the user accounts

Many customers will choose to pay without creating an account, but the user who does create an account can easily helps to stimulate repeat purchases. Make it easy for the customer to order something again. You can also make personal offers in the shopping cart based on previous purchases.

To Improve Sales is to Optimize the delivery of packages

An important moment of contact is the delivery of the package. You have to make the customer a little happy when the package is delivered. A neat package of the package and the products can help. Receiving a damaged box immediately gives you a less pleasant feeling about the purchase.

Pay attention to the delivery of your packages. A beautiful package with nice tips and a simple way to return it. This gives the customer equal confidence and a good feeling about the purchase.

To Improve Sales is to Optimize customer service

Customer service makes the difference when it comes to repeat purchases. The extent to which you can be reached and the service you offer ensures that customers have the confidence to buy something again. If something goes wrong with an order or delivery is not that bad, it's about the way you solve it.

To Improve Sales is to Reward the loyalty of the customer

You have to reward good customers, that are clear, but how do you do that? A good way can be to use a loyalty program. For example, you can use a scale based on previous purchases, the more the customer buys, and the more discount he or she will receive. You can also create a loyalty card or a member club. With a special account for customers who order more often. You can even divide this into segments where the best customers get a special account with a fixed discount.

To Improve Sales is to Send a (separate) newsletter to your customers

Sending a mailing is of course the simplest way to re-approach your existing customers. If all goes well, they have subscribed to the newsletter and are therefore definitely interested in your web shop and products. Some gurus say that email marketing is dead, but we believe it is still necessary to build a relationship with your customer base.

Although the traffic through e-mail marketing can be disappointing, the conversion will be better. You only reach people who are already interested in your product. Moreover, the costs are of course very bad. For example, you can use Mailchimp for a newsletter campaign. Here you can start with a free account.

Mailchimp is the best e-mail program according to many, plenty of opportunities to link with your websites and you get super good insight into the statistics. You can also make a distinction in your e-mail list between interested parties and actual customers. For example, your customers can reward you with an exclusive discount in the newsletter. 

To Improve Sales is to Surprise your customers

The element of surprise is still underestimated in the web shop world. If you really want good reviews and satisfied customers, you have to exceed expectations. Surprise the customer, for example, with a small gift or gift to bring your web store back to the attention.

The psychology of an unexpected gift or attention is unprecedented. The customer gets the feeling that this positive action has to be rewarded, with a positive review or a repeat purchase for example! The right surprise is a bit of your web shop, products and niche. Of course, your existing customers can also send a sample of a new product if you get a new line in your assortment, for example.   

To Improve Sales is to Ask for reviews

An important moment of contact with your customer is asking for a review. You will immediately find out what the pain points of your website are and whether something can be improved.

Feedback from the customer can be rewarded with a discount code or a nice offer. It is, of course, even better to call the customer personally and ask for feedback. Although you will not get a review on the internet then the information is often a lot clearer. You can also ask questions if a customer indicates that something was not going well when ordering. Of course you ask the customer whether there is still a need for other products or more of the same.

To Improve Sales is to Connect and be active on social media

Social media is about building relationships and connections and that is exactly what you want with your web store. In the ideal case, your customers are also your most loyal followers on Twitter and Facebook for example. These are the people who are interested in your mark, webshop and products.

You want a good relationship with your customers on social media so that you can easily inform them about promotions, discounts and new products! In addition to distributing messages you also need to listen to your customer. Actually, you should check every day to see if anything is posted about your website, branch or products. This way you can respond immediately to relevant messages and any complaints. The big advantage is that other people also see that you have good customer service via social media.

To Improve Sales is to Offers a discount or credit to return

To give customers a good reason to return you can make a discount code or coupon for existing customers. It is even better to make a personal offer related to the product that the customer has previously purchased. Below you can see a good example of a customized birthday offer.

If you have a small customer base (or a super good web shop system) it is easy to send the customer a personal e-mail. Although this takes more time, you focus the offer much more on the wishes of the customer, so the chance of success is a lot bigger. Make sure that you gather sufficient data when registering the customer.

Experiment with the form of the offer, you can offer a 10% discount code or a 10 euro credit for example. By experimenting you will soon find out what works best for your web store. A credit ensures that customers get the feeling that they have to make it up. A discount code is good to stimulate impulse buying. 

To Improve Sales is to Turn on remarketing (retargeting)

In order to keep track of customers and visitors, you can use remarketing (also known as retargeting). By placing a cookie visitors of your web store are recognized and you can continue to focus the ads on those visitors and customers who have already visited your website. As soon as the visitor, for example, visits a news website, your advertisement is shown because you are using retargeting.

With retargeting you can also indicate that a separate advertisement is shown to customers who have already settled in your website. You can do this by placing a special cookie on the thank-you page of your website. Ideal to sell more of the same product to an existing customer or accessories that may come in handy in the future. 


To Improve Sales is to Determine the right time to approach customers againFor many products, a certain life span, incandescent light bulbs, food or clothing, for example, cost money. You therefore need to know exactly what the lifespan of your products is. Once the lifespan has expired, you can approach your customers again. This is the ideal time to re-inform your customers about your product range.

Imagine you sell vitamin tablets in a pack of 60 pieces. The customer takes 1 tablet every day so you know that new tablets are probably needed after 2 months. Of course you do not wait until the 2 months have passed but you send the customer a few days or weeks in advance a personalized e-mail in which the product is offered again. Preferably with a small discount to stimulate purchases!In a nutshell, you can increase sales without expensive methods to recruit new customers.

Start with your existing customers, of which you are already certain that they are interested in your website and product.

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