Tactics to increase your chances of winning in the Lottery

Who does not dream of winning the top prize of a Lottery? Most people know that the chance is very small, but you still secretly hope. And of course it can happen. Maybe you are lucky in the next draw ... The fact that it is a game of chance means that the outcome is always based on coincidence. But still, with a little chance calculation, you can send the odds to your advantage. There are a number of tactics for this and we will put it here.

Apply a strategy

Firstly, it is important that you do not just buy lots of Lottery tickets. Think carefully about how much money you want to spend and do not go over your budget. That is of course always important in gambling, because you can lose all your money.

Buy multiple tickets

Once you have decided what you can spend, it is best to buy multiple tickets. The more tickets you have, the more chance of winning. But remember that you also have to spend more money. The chance to win the jackpot differs per Lottery. This has to do with the number of lots that are sold and how the winning lot is chosen. To learn more about probability of different lotteries you can read the article about winning the jackpot.

Work together in a pool

To have more chances of winning in the Singapore Lottery, you can buy lots with others. That way you can bet more money and the chance of the jackpot is much bigger. The disadvantage is that you then have to distribute the money won. But if you win the main prize, you still have a lot to spare and you can also celebrate it together! Then you have at least not the problem that your friends abuse you for your money because then you have all won something.

Deepen yourself in the draw where you bought tickets

The chance of winning differs per Lottery. It is often thought that it is especially advantageous if there are as few people as possible, but that is not always the case. The winning lot has already been determined in advance and if no one has bought that specific ticket, no one will win. It does not matter that more people take part in the Lottery, the chance that your wins will stay the same.How many numbers you need to have to win can make a difference. The probability that you have the winning combination of three numbers is of course much larger than ten digits. And with some lotteries, for example the lotto, the prize is divided among a number of winners. So then the less people will participate, the more money you win. 

Buy more tickets, but less often

If you do not participate in every draw, but you buy more tickets at the draws that you do participate, the chance is greater that you win. That means that you use your money smarter. Suppose you buy one ticket with each draw, then you are less likely to win per draw. But if you buy multiple tickets for a specific draw, you increase the chance of winning at that particular draw.

Check, check, double check

Make sure you double check the purchased tickets, because sometimes you may not have won the main prize, but something else. Fortunately, these days are often automatic, but if you buy anonymous tickets, for example, you have to be very careful not to miss anything. It will happen to you ...

Know when to stop

To get the most profit from participating in the Lottery, you must immediately stop buying tickets if you have won. Because if you won, you have already been very lucky and have received your investment back. But statistically, you have just as much chance of winning as everyone else at the next draw. However, you can use your won money to buy lots of tickets again, as long as you no longer use your own money.

Select the lot number yourself

According to Richard Lustig, it is best to choose your Lottery tickets yourself. And we can believe this man, because he has already won the Lottery seven times. From a statistical point of view, it does not matter whether you choose the combination of numbers by a computer or choose one yourself. It is completely random. But Lustig says that the combinations that have recently won prices are probably less likely to win again. And if you choose your fate yourself, you can avoid these combinations of numbers.But this is not the same with every Lottery! In the state Lottery, for example, every number has the same chance for every draw. Do a good research on the draw that you are going to do with and decide whether you choose your own fate or not. Remember that it is a game of chance, so you can have a lucky number for yourself, but according to the laws of science, that does not exist.

Buy scratch cards

In this last tactic it is all about taking part with small prizes. The smaller the price, the greater the chance of winning. For example, for scratch cards, the chance of winning is between 1 in 5 and 1 in 2.5. The chance that you win something is therefore many times greater than with a jackpot. If the chance of winning is 1 out of 5 you would have to buy five tickets to make sure that you are going to win something. Do some research on how much the cards are sold and in which game a lot is won and where not. It is more likely that the prizes will fall in games where not much has yet been won. With this tactic, you also need to know when to stop. If you have a good profit, it is best not to participate. You have already won and the chance that you will lose that money again on a subsequent draw is very present


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