Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools (Private) Limited is a state lottery subsidiary in Singapore. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tote Board, it is the only operator legally authorized to operate lotteries in Singapore. Singapore Pools has made many possible products we see today in Singapore. In support of the nation's construction, they provided funds for establishing landmarks such as the first national stadium in Singapore, the indoor stadium, and Esplanade (theaters in the bay).

Through the Tote Council, they also contributed to our surpluses to fund various national infrastructures, such as The Sports Hub, Gardens by the Bay and, more recently, the National Gallery. Beyond the physical structures, their surpluses have also been distributed to good causes in strategic areas ranging from sport to charity, community development, education, health and the arts. All this demonstrates Singapore Pools' commitment to being a force for good in and with the community.

Singapore Pools celebrated with the community

The theme of celebrating its 50th anniversary also focuses on the community. With the theme "50 Years of Community Benefit", Singapore Pools celebrated with the community and took advantage of this special occasion to return something in a meaningful way. Stay tuned when Singapore Pools brings our football fundraiser Football with a Heart (FWAH) on May 5-6, 2018 to our Tampines Center.

Besides, for the first time in history, Singapore Pools will also be organizing "Concert with a Heart" to celebrate the talents of people with disabilities. This no-income concert will take place at the same time and place as the FWAH 2018 and is a Singapore Pools gift to the community!

Singapore Pools is committed to being a globally responsible gaming company. The professional behavior and business behavior of Singapore Pools must be respected at the highest level, ensuring a fair and secure gaming experience to protect our customers.

Many people who love Singapore Pools and sports betting games play for a little flutter or social entertainment. However, Singapore Pools recognizes that there may be a minority that plays beyond its means. As such, they have established protections to help create a responsible gaming environment for all.

The Singapore Pools design as well as communicate their stuff or simply products in a way which will never promote too much and also irresponsible gambling. Singapore's reserves have minimum betting amounts as well as offer a conventional array of sports betting.

The Singapore Pools believe also in offering responsible, quality customer service. The The Singapore Pools proactively update and then educate their clients to be responsible and help if they need it.

Singapore Pools Accreditations and Milestones

Singapore Pools adopts the responsible gambling framework of the World Lottery Association to compare Singapore Pools practices. Singapore Pools achieved the highest level of certification in the world (level 4) in 2012 and came back for this award in 2015. The Singapore Pools must demonstrate continuous improvements to achieve re-certification every three years.

President Star Charity 2017

Singapore Pools had the pleasure of being part of Star Charity 2017. Together with Tote Board and Singapore Turf Club, they presented their donation check of more than $ 1.4 million to Madam Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore. Since 2000, Singapore Pools and the Tote Board have awarded grants to cover the running costs of the President's Challenge.

Singapore Pools in 2016

The Singapore Pools sustained it partnership with the great Ministry of Social and Family Development Singapore for complete 3 great week of a true responsible game or gample awareness through a conference of the trade experts for the local gaming operators out there, and the facilitation of itinerant itineraries with game ambassadors Outlets!

Singapore Pools 2015

The level 4 rectification of the WLA RG framework has been completed.

Ninth Annual Responsible Gaming Program:

Do I Play Responsibly? It aims to involve stakeholders to stop and think about their gaming behavior and reinforce the importance of playing responsibly. It has been associated with the well known second Responsible Gamling or maybe gaming Awareness time or Week by hosting a lunchtime discussion and providing itinerant itineraries at select points of sale!

Renamed Winners' Asset Management Program for the Winner's Attention Program, in good partnership with the Money sense of the (MAS) Monetary Authority of Singapore, the National Financial Education Initiative! Customers seeking $ 5,000 or more at the Singapore Pools Building receive information on financial planning tips and responsible gaming messages. And he can continue, over and again.

The Singapore Pools Operates Majorly Three Lottery Games:

TOTO: make a big dough every Monday and Thursday

4D: a raffle of four (4) lotteries organized every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

Singapore Sweep: fired on the first Wednesday of each month


Adults who want to register as members and establish accounts must meet criteria such as ID passes and credit history checks. And again, the terms and conditions must be met to get the best benefits from Singapore Pools.

For Better Wealth and Health