How to Play: TOTO

The number of TOTO lotteries you can participate in our country is growing by the day. You can play along with your zip code as a lot number, but you can also play along with your bank account number as a lot number. Then there are the lotteries where your lot number together with a serial number determines if you are lucky. it's all about being lucky.

Your number must only be drawn as a prize winner. A game of chance in which it is all about strategy is the TOTO, also known as the Lotto. You bet on football results; you have to be able to estimate how each team will perform to take your profit. The TOTO is, in short, a game for real fans of a football match.

How does the TOTO work?

When you join the TOTO you do not have to predict how many points a football team will score. The point is that you predict who wins, or that a draw takes place. The scores on the TOTO form are simple: if the football team wins at home, you enter a '1'. If the football team wins something, you enter a '2'. If, however, you play the same, you enter an 'X'. There is also the possibility to bet on a certain score such as '2-1'.

This will reduce your chances of winning, but you will increase the level of your winnings if you have correctly predicted the score. The TOTO, better known as the Lotto, is therefore an ideal way to watch a professional football weekend on the couch just a bit more interesting.

The history of the TOTO

Gambling at football matches is nothing new. As long as there is football played by professional teams, bets are already made on the matches themselves. After all, nothing is so exciting for a football spectator if you try luck while you are on the line at a football match.

In 1956 the TOTOpool was started: it was a football pool organized by the clubs themselves. In order to play with, it was therefore necessary that you were a member of the football club. Where the TOTO started small, with low amounts that were used, it was quickly discovered by the more well-off football supporters, which meant that larger and larger amounts were involved. At the moment that shady parties were involved in the game, the Ministry of Justice came out with a proposal to ban betting.

The origin of the TOTO

In 1960 the regulations on the Lottery Act were changed. Strict rules were laid down which the TOTO players had to adhere to. This happened to protect the players but also to stop criminal activities within the old system. The participants themselves could still win quite large amounts if they had correctly predicted the results, but a large part of the proceeds went from that moment to the Football Association.

The participants could hand in their form to the cigar trade in their own village or town. In this way, everyone made equal opportunities. Making money quickly without having to do a lot is what many people dream of. Make a little bit of traveling, eat in expensive restaurants, or simply laze in your villa: who does not want that?

Play TOTO - why?

If you want to play TOTO, it is important to decide for yourself what your goal is. It is of course possible to earn money with it, but the chance is small. If earning money is your goal, I would rather choose a different method. If you enjoy playing an occasional game, then of course it is a good option.

The goal must then be to have fun. For example, I like to play TOTO 13 with different friends and then compare the predictions with each other. Moreover, this adds a tension element to sometimes meaningless matches. Sampdoria - AC Milan may not be very interesting, but if you can make money with it, it makes it a lot more fun to watch.

Play TOTO - why not?

In the previous section it has already come a bit forward, there are also reasons not to play it. The chance is very small that you earn money in the long term. It is difficult to keep constantly predicting the sports matches constantly. And when you make money as a goal, it can be frustrating that the TOTO only costs you money. I would really advise against playing with this goal, there are better ways to make money. In addition, the TOTO is seen as a game of chance. This is of course correct, of course, but the annoying thing is that you have to pay extra tax on your profits: the so-called betting tax. This makes the TOTO playing ultimately less lucrative. I would say: just play it for fun and if you happen to win something again, that is only a nice bonus! Do not count on it alone. Make a lot of money structurally? Earn at least $2950 per month playing TOTO! You have seen that it is possible to make money with the TOTO, but that this is not the best choice if you want to make money. But fortunately there are also ways in which everyone can earn money! If you want to know more about other ways to make money, then the video program is for you! In this program you learn how you can earn at least $2950 per month. And all without technical knowledge, investments or costs! So do not hesitate: buy the program and also earn $2950 per month!

Betting at the TOTO

You can now simply use online bets or even fill in a physical form for the Primera, for example. Completing a result of a particular race is fairly easy and you enter a 1 if you think the home team wins. You enter a 2 if you bet that the away team wins and an X if you think it will be a draw. Nowadays you can also bet on a certain final score or even with a disability. At the TOTO there are several game options such as:

Goal / No Goal,

Under / Over,

Uneven even,

First goal,

number of goals,

draw no bet / home no bet / away no bet,

last goal,

profit after arrears,

scores home / out in both halves

TOTO system bet

With a system bet you can combine multiple predictions in a multiple bet. This is different than with a standard combined bet and you do not have to have all matches right in order to be able to win. The system then makes combinations of all your chosen matches. You win if one of these combinations is correctly predicted. In this system you can also put a 'banker' in all your combinations. So you pay a lot less for your total bet but then this match must be correctly predicted otherwise you will win nothing anyway.

Explanation TOTO 13

The TOTO 13 is the game where you have to predict a total of 13 matches selected by the TOTO. The jackpot starts at $10,000 and runs up every week if the correct 13 prediction is not guessed by a player (s). At 11 or 12 correctly predicted matches you also win a cash prize. It depends on the total bet and how many players have correctly predicted it.