Singapore  Pools released tremendous computerized game bets for the 4D on May 31, 1986, and had a promising start when the first-place winner of the fantastic opening draw turned out to be stunning 8838. In Singapore, the 4D draws take place all Wednesdays, and every Saturday, and again, all Sundays by 18:30 (SG/HK real time) at the great Singapore Pools main branch at number 210 Middle Road. Any individual that over the very age of 18 is allowed to attend the 4D lottery draws out there.

A private external auditor, as well as 5 lottery officials, participates in the lottery procedure. Before the 4D lottery draw, a specially created computer is executed to indiscriminately choose the firing mechanism as well as the very set of shooting balls to be employed. A backup device is likewise chosen.

The chosen lottery balls, numbered from 0 to 9, are weighted to ensure that their weight is within an acceptable margin of error. This is to make sure that each bullet has almost the same chance of being shot.

The selected machines, secured under a lockable seal and numbered in a storage room, are transferred to the living room, along with the logs.

The balls are loaded into the drawing machine in front of the audience. Next, a member of the public is asked to press the start switch on the control panel, starting the draw. The balls in the drawing machine, composed of four transparent cylinders, rotate until a ball is sucked into a slot in each cylinder.The draw process, from the consolation prize, is repeated until the 23 sets of winning numbers are drawn.

How To Win 4D Lottery?

Statistically speaking, all 4D numbers have the same probabilities of being winners. Either you choose this special date or any number that is considered rare or clumsy. Or these winners from previous years and some people may think they will never leave again.

That is, when you choose a date, you limit your chances, since 31 is the maximum number of days you have per month, so you exclude the highest numbers. We can say the same thing for the number of 12 months, however, in Singapore when we talk about the 4D lottery, year after year we ask for numbers that correspond to the dates of the relevant events in history or that correspond to certain celebrities.

When you search the Internet, you will find strategies for choosing the 4D number, how you choose them:

Make a study to identify the patterns or features of the previous draws. To do this, you can use the history of previous 4D win numbers.

Choose a combination and be faithful to it. In other words, do not let an administration or computer, select the 4D number for you. And every time you go to buy lottery tickets, it's the same number.

Do not choose a 4D number that refers to a special date. You do not need to make sense of numbers. That's why I've already told you that if we choose the dates, we exclude the numbers above 31.

Pick 4D numbers with luck and discard the unfortunate numbers. For that, when you make a lottery study, you will see which are the numbers that came out most frequently (the lucky ones) and those (the unfortunate ones).

Besides, some websites recommend not choosing combinations that have achieved results on previous occasions. As we say, the chances of a double number coming out twice are very different.

Tips For Playing The 4D Lottery

Organize yourself, create a budget and do not leave it.

If you play the 4D lottery in a group, make sure to have a copy of the ticket or participation ticket.

The lucky number does not exist. All 4D lottery numbers have the same possibility of being drawn. So do not trust the strategies that promise to give you the magic combination with which you will finally know how to win the lottery. The winning number is random. Statistically, no matter which number you choose.

Once you have completed the draw, be sure to check your tickets. Some prints have different prices and different ways to win. Go to the lottery administrations to prove it. Maybe even if you do not have the jackpot number, you may have won another prize.

If you have won the main draw prize, first of all, !! Congratulations! You should contact a lawyer to advise and accompany him to recover the price.

Reinvest your winnings. If you have won a prize, not the manager, I am talking about a modest price, use it to buy more 4D tickets next time and thus increase your chances of winning the main prize.

The Following Warnings Will Teach You How To Win The Lottery And Not Die While Trying

4D Warning 1

Play smart, do not leave your budget and planning. Taking care of the personal economy is important, so you need to stay in control and not be tempted to play to avoid losses.

4D Warning 2

Avoid scams that abound on the Internet. These gaming scams benefit people who want to make money easily, quickly and effortlessly. Do not trust websites that:

  • Ask you to send money to receive a big prize.
  • They use talismans, rituals, mathematical combinations to attract luck and thus obtain important prizes.
  • They send you e-mails or correspondence informing you of a prize in a contest in which you did not participate.
  • If you are going to play the 4D lottery online, make sure they are legal websites that have the support of the government.

4D Warning 3

Beware of programs or systems that tell you how to win the 4D lottery. On the Internet, there are many websites that offer this type of 4D formulas, obviously in exchange for a payment. Those programs or systems promise you a lot of things, like:

  • You will win the first prize in the 4D lottery
  • That you will win the first prize of the lottery in a given time
  • They guarantee you to return the money if you do not win a prize


But the truth is that, as I have said many times, there is no method that tells you step by step how to win the 4D lottery. The winning number is chosen at random, and there are no magic formulas.

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